The current Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture staff are:

Milwaukee Storytellers List
Anne Zellmer - Head Storyteller
Anthony Harris - Council Member
Brandon Jackson- Storyteller
Jim Simons - Storyteller
Joseph Witkowski - Narrator/Reception
Mandie Valandingham - Web Goddess
Mike Dresen - Narrator/Reception
Roberto Rivera - Chronicle Administration

All concerns, issues, or questions related to game should be addressed to the Milwaukee Storytellers list; in order to ensure the fastest response please do not contact the individual storytellers without carbon copying the Milwaukee Storytellers list.

Also whenever you are in communication with any OWBN Coordinators and/or coordinator controlled NPCs please carbon copy (CC) the Milwaukee Storytellers list.

If you would like to keep current with in character (IC) and out of character (OOC) game related announcements please join the Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture Yahoo! group.