Revised: September 17, 2008

This page will feature Dark Pack compliant Influence Rules for the Nocturnal Rapture chronicle. A complete listing of Nocturnal Rapture's Influence Rules will be available at the check-in desk prior to the start of game.

The World of Darkness provides great detail about the Camarilla's interaction with the mortal world around them, the mortal assistance characters like Theo Bell and Victoria Ash use to facilitate their power and activities within the World of Darkness. These influence rules are an attempt to duplicate the importance of the mortal world surrounding the dark world of Kindred politics.

The Dark Epics rules are general and vague in some ways, overcomplicated and specific in others. Dean Strobel has taken those rules and used them as a template to make a system workable and simple yet maximizes the use of Influences in the World of Darkness.

Information Actions
All information actions can determine specific influence actions over the past six months but specific questions must be asked as to what happened.

A Watch action will reveal what is going on from your influences viewpoint and who the mortal operators are. A Watch will see influences actions occurring within their realm and will detect all influence actions to include Traces, Follows and other Watch actions.

A Trace action will reveal who are using influences, the person who oversees and directs the mortal operators. A Trace action requires prior contact with the influence (prior contact being a Watch, an Attack or some other interaction).

A Follow action will reveal the general level of the influence. Precise details of what a particular influence is doing also provide a chance to preempt actions.

Expansion Actions
An Attack action can destroy or acquire another character's influence. To Attack an influence it must have specific information typically gained with a Trace, Follow or involvement in a Gift/Loan, or Attack (involvement is defined as the attacker OR the target of an attack).
A Growth action banks points towards increasing the current level of the influence.

An Expansion action is used to increase the maximum level of the influence within the Domain. Expansion points are also acquired through several other means that are beyond the control or knowledge of the character.

A Rebuild action banks points towards restoring influence levels lost during an attack.

Protection Actions
A Defend action increases the level of the influence against attacks. An attacker must exceed the total of the influence plus the points allocated for Defend to have an effect.

A Conceal action increases the level of the influence against all Information actions. To detect an influence the Information action must exceed the points allocated to Conceal. To Conceal a specific action, the level of the Conceal must exceed the level of the action.

A Block is used to stop or reduce an influence's ability to act. The level of the Block is subtracted from all influence actions. A Block can general affecting everything in the specific Influence area or specific stopping a single, targeted action.

Transfer Actions
A Boost simply uses more influence points than necessary. A Boost is best used to overcome a Block but is also useful in making Informative actions less traceable and to ensure that a specific influence action occurs.

A Loan action simply provides your influence for someone else's temporary use. To provide +1 to someone else's Influence action the character must provide 2 points in a Loan action; +1 for 2.

Combine is the method of combining influences to achieve a greater effect. Combine provides +1 to the influence level for every one point from a different influence type or +1 for every two points combined by another player (rounded down).

A Gift action is simply a permanent Loan, the influence never comes back.

Keys to the City allows an influence holder to allow full and total control of his influences for another characters use.

Background Effects
Allies can be added directly to any Growth, Rebuild, Boost and any Protective (Defend, Conceal, or Block) actions on a 1 for 1 basis.

Contacts can be added directly to any information Influence action (Watch, Trace, or Follow) on a 1 for 1 basis.

Fame allows visiting players’ use of their influences within the domain of Milwaukee, WI. The maximum level of a visiting players influence is limited to their Fame rating.

Mentors provide assistance as they see fit. Interaction with the Mentor will determine what occurs.

Resources can be added directly to any action on a 1 for 1 basis.

Retainers can be added to any action on a 1 for 1 basis. Up to 3 Retainers can be added directly to ANY single Influence action on a one-for-one basis.

List of Influences
The following is a list of approved influences. No other influences are used or will be allowed. As with all retainer backgrounds, any influences possessed by retainers or ghouls are for the use of the retainer or ghouls, i.e. Kindred characters cannot use any retainer's influence for any reason.